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A place where love is what we do!

Hinsley Temple (formerly known as New Hope) is a spirit filled, spirit led church with an excitingly uplifting ministry.  Led by Dr. Lytia R. Howard, Hinsley Temple is a growing, vibrant, and relevant inner city ministry where the power of God is evident, real and witness.  Every service is filled with praise and worship and promises an unforgettable worship experience.  Our pastor preaches and teaches the word of God in a manner that relates scriptures to present and past daily life conditions. 

Come and Be blessed.


Hinsley Temple is an historical church, built by Bishop James J. Hinsley Sr., and dedicated by Bishop Charles H. Mason in 1951.  It is dedicated to outreach ministry and features monthly food and clothing distribution.  From June until September, evening services are held outside for what we call our Open Air Cathedral Worship Hour.  Many persons have been drawn, delivered and blessed through this outreach effort.  We encourage you to visit with us.  You may also feel free to email your prayer request(s). 

We would be glad to have you. You are welcome!



We exist to assist each person we encounter to meet Christ, mature in Christ, and minister Christ to the world.  Hinsley Temple seeks to offer hope to everyone and maximize individual potential.  We are particularly sensitive to the least, the lost, the lonely, and the forgotten. 


Our whole purpose is that Christ may be known, loved and lived!

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